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RiteTrack is a software solution used by human services programs throughout tribal, state, and county governments. It provides the primary means for thousands of caseworkers, administrators, and other professionals to manage clients and caseloads. The software can meet the needs of a single program's basic case management and scale up to an organization-wide solution that can serve programs across multiple departments.

RiteTrack’s intuitive interface provides a rich user experience through a secure internet connection on any Web browser. RiteTrack's extensive library means that there is functionality for practically any data need within a program. Intake, person demographics, documents, notes, and reporting are just some of the core functionality included in a RiteTrack solution. A typical RiteTrack solution is made up of specific modules to serve the specific needs of the project. Perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of RiteTrack is the way an organization can add additional solutions to an existing RiteTrack solution as the needs expand.

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