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Posted by: Even Brande on 8/29/2013
The Single Point of Entry model which, by Wyoming State Statue, states that every citation issued to a juvenile within a county of Wyoming shall be provided to the County and Prosecuting Attorney before that citation is filed in any court. This statute provides a “single point of entry” for juveniles. This article discusses how Single Point of Entry is implemented in Natrona County and how RiteTrack is a critical part of facilitating this process.
There are extensive happenings and updates with the Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl case. The Supreme Court ruled on a few things and sent it back to the lower courts to rule on once again. The South Carolina Supreme Court has ordered the adoption to be finalized, effectively removing the child from her father.
If RiteTrack can be an essential tool for tribal employees, why not include the ability for members to be automatically informed of the status and outcomes of their cases? This creates a natural outreach potential that offers members a more active role in their information management.
Posted by: Even Brande on 3/4/2013
How long can you get by without a computer? Even recently left his at home and relied solely on a cellphone and an iPad for a week on the road. Read on to learn more about his experience.
Posted by: Dan Burget on 2/5/2013
The vision of the plan is to preserve and protect tribal and indigenous sovereignty, culture, history, treaty and self-governing rights with a mission to fully implement and advance tribal self-governance authorities.
The federal proposed federal budget for 2013 includes an increase of about one percent (a total of $11.4 billion) of the overall Department of Interior budget, but this increase in the department’s budget may not be reflected in funding available for Indian Country.
Posted by: Even Brande on 11/16/2012
At Handel Information Technologies our goal is to provide better software solutions to people who work with at-risk populations, and juvenile justice has been a key area of our focus from the beginning. RiteTrack, which is the name of our software, actually got its name from working in the juvenile justice field. As was true when we started and is still true today, rapid intervention is a key strategy in the field of juvenile justice. For this reason, we came up with the term Rapid Intervention TEchnology and coined the acronym “RITE” for our data “tracking” software.
Native American youth have a disproportionately high suicide rate. A recent national suicide prevention program that utilizes distance training and services recently opened a site in Wyoming. Such remote access to services might be successful in Indian Country, which is largely rural. More research should be done to determine and promote the best practices for suicide prevention for Native American youth.
Posted by: Even Brande on 8/24/2012
Interoperability is no longer a dream, but becoming a reality for many human services agencies. At Handel, our RiteTrack platform continues to make integration across different programs a reality for our clients.
I recently read an article from Indian Country Today Media Network’s weekly publication concerning international recognition of tribal sovereignty, when it reported about a nonpartisan group (the Carter Center) observing the election process of the Cherokee Nation during their July 1999 and September 2011 elections. For the Carter Center to come in to impartially observe their election process is an important recognition and endorsement of the sovereignty of the Cherokee Nation, but the article also registered another thought in me as I was reading about the recommendations the Center gave the Tribe for improving their election process.
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