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RiteTrack Juvenile Justice Solutions

RiteTrack is a leading software solution for juvenile justice agencies nationally. From statewide to county programs, the solution can be configured to fit those needs and budgets.

Programs served include:

  • Juvenile Detention
  • Juvenile Corrections
  • Residential Treatment
  • Community Corrections

This solution is designed to be the single point of entry into a juvenile-serving agency. As a youth enters the organization or facility, client information is entered into only one place. Centralizing information from a client’s first contact with an agency mitigates the problem of duplicating the treatments and services received. 

The solution also tracks initial and on-going assessments, the results of which become accessible to the appropriate caseworkers and service providers working with the children. 

Effective, integrated, case management is crucial to coordinating and monitoring multiple services youth receive in a juvenile justice facility, and RiteTrack enables case managers to have a client’s treatment history and prior contact information accessible through one system. Up-to-date information alerts managers and service coordinators to previous intervention attempts and aids in identifying problem areas and conducting needs assessments when designing or revising treatment plans.

RiteTrack also facilitates automatic notifications to contributing service providers when there are changes in a client’s case or when assessments are updated. The solution generates event outcomes automatically based on information in the database. 

Additionally, the software allows case managers to

  • receive and document progress updates from community service providers 
  • compile data and report on the problems of youth in the community 
  • assess the levels of success of services youth were placed in  
  • assess the success of those treatment programs

RiteTrack prioritizes and organizes case management and processes to ensure that the neediest youth are effectively managed, while less intensive clients still receive the appropriate amount of attention.


Software Features

  • Web-Based Interface
  • Modular Framework
  • Extensive Security

Core Functionality

  • Case Management
  • Client Management
  • Document Management
  • Rich Text Notes
  • Reliable Notifications

Track and Manage

  • Intake/Admissions
  • Client Assessments 
  • Treatment Plans 
  • Progress Notes 
  • Incidents Reports
  • Seclusions/Restraints
  • Discharge Data
  • Long-Term Outcomes


Because RiteTrack is Web-based but exhibits a strong security model, it empowers agencies to provide access to those who contribute to the overall “information picture” of clients. Additionally, a RiteTrack customer determines which outside agencies may need access to parts of a client’s information. Once determined, the agency outlines security parameters defining which other agencies, outside service providers, educators, or even family members can access or update specific information in a client’s records.

For example, a judge, a prosecutor, or a public defender may need access to certain records. A teacher could provide school performance updates, attendance records, and overall behavior notes; and an outside provider may enter progress notes. Finally, the family may want to check progress the client has made in a given program and provide feedback with outcome measurements.


The solution innately generates statistics, yet is flexible enough to create custom and ad-hoc reports. For example, an administrator may need statistics reflecting the current demographics of all clientele, such as the number of minority-youth referrals. 

RiteTrack reporting compiles data to illustrate organizations’ impacts on recidivism, detention, and arrest rates. It also tallies efforts that were successful in enhancing families’ access to services. This gives juvenile justice organizations the tools to monitor trends in its operations and services, as well as demonstrate its effectiveness with helping youth in the community.

Client Histories 

  • Placements 
  • Charges 
  • Substance Abuse 
  • Family Relationships 
  • Traumas 
  • Education 
  • Employment 

Clinical Information

  • Medications 
  • Medical History 
  • Mental Health History 
  • Client Insurance 
  • Lab Results
  • Diagnoses 
  • Chronic Conditions 

Included Reporting 

  • Admissions Details
  • Treatment Plans 
  • Client Rosters 
  • Client Progress Notes 
  • Client Placements 
  • Discharge Summary 
  • Mailing Labels


A key benefit of implementing RiteTrack is its capability to integrate multiple departments. Today agencies that use RiteTrack encompass more than a dozen different departments. The solution accomplishes true interoperability because it was built with multi-agency collaboration into its foundation from the start.

Both system-of-care communities and juvenile assessment centers are based on collaboration between different agencies including courts, treatment communities, schools, parents, and other entities. 

RiteTrack makes facilitating true inter-agency and cross-agency interoperability a reality. After a solution is implemented in one department, other departments often recognize the usefulness and quality of the solution, and those departments/agencies contract to add it to their operations as well. 

Because of the solution’s security model, the central person registry is accessible to all parties, while maintaining department-specific information separately. This way, an administrator with the proper security has access to an overview of all activities that a youth has been involved in, while others are limited to seeing only information that is pertinent to their cases or department.

Highly Flexible

No two agencies are exactly alike, and each one needs a software solution that can meet its unique needs. For several years Handel has been designing and building highly customized solutions, one system at a time, so each solution would work the way the agency worked, and not the other way around. Unfortunately, these unique, wonderful systems are becoming less financially feasible in today’s economy, so Handel began creating another kind of juvenile justice solution.

There are juvenile justice systems on the market which are off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all cheaper systems; but they are solutions that meet only some of an organization’s data management needs and which often requirement a complete change of workflow.

Handel developers have found the perfect middle ground between an expensive custom solution and just an “okay” solution. Using a revolutionary new design concept called RiteTrack Building Blocks, they have developed a new system that is configurable and affordable. The new RiteTrack Juvenile Justice Solution is highly flexible to meet needs, timelines and budgets. 

Handel in Juvenile Justice

For over 15 years, Handel has provided juvenile justice solutions to county and state juvenile justice facilities. Handel's industry experience includes juvenile detention, corrections, residential treatment, community programs, probation, and diversion programs. In fact, the very name RiteTrack is derived from the concept of rapid intervention, a proven concept in the field of juvenile justice. RITE stands for Rapid Intervention TEchnology. 

Investing in RiteTrack is an easy decision. Everyone knows the stories of caseworkers who spend more hours doing data entry than they actually spend with clients. While budgets remain tight and organizations and departments have to do more with less, RiteTrack enables staff to spend less time working with information and more time serving clients. 

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