Friday, August 22, 2014

RiteTrack for General Assistance


RiteTrack manages and records general assistance provided to eligible Native American tribal members. Tribal staff are able to submit requisitions, check requests and purchase orders for members. They may contain one or several claims for direct payment or for reimbursement. Scanned receipts, bills or processed checks can be attached directly to each claim. Finance staff can review these requests, claims, and scanned documents directly through RiteTrack and can either approve or deny for payment. Notification through letters, email, and even text messaging can go out to staff and members concerning the status of each request. With RiteTrack, staff can also record and track violations against usage of services by tribal members and thus provide documentation to restrict access to those services for the offending member.


General Assistance Features

  • Requisitions, Purchase Orders and Check Requests
  • Claims Management
  • Receipt and Bill Document Management
  • Finance Approval
  • System-Generated Notifications
  • Violations



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