Even Brande started Handel in 1997 as a general IT consulting company. In 1998 Handel landed a contract to develop a software solution for a juvenile assessment center in Colorado. Shortly after this solution was implemented other counties started calling for similar solutions. Even realized that there was an unmet need in the market for juvenile justice software solutions and created the first version of RiteTrack upon the experiences gained from working with these early clients. Through four subsequent generations, RiteTrack is now the premier human service software platform in juvenile justice and tribal government.


Handel is committed to integrity first and foremost. At the core of our values is respect, honesty, doing the right thing, and perhaps most importantly, doing what we say. Our customers and employees can attest to these important principles. So when you decide to entrust us with your information management system, you know you will get what you expect, what you deserve, and what you were promised. That is the Handel Promise.

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