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Multi-County Juvenile Detention Center Goes Live on New RiteTrack System

In January of 2018, the Multi-County Juvenile Detention Center, a 50-bed juvenile facility located in Lancaster, Ohio implemented a new RiteTrack database system. The facility’s old system was used for tracking intakes and youth demographics but could not provide them with critical information on staff workload, incidents, or shift logs. To obtain this information, the […]

Handel’s Vice President to Facilitate Workshops at NICWA’s 36th Annual Conference

Handel’s Vice President of Sales was selected to speak at the National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) 36th Annual Protecting Our Children National American Indian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect. This marks the fifth time Casey Bader was chosen to facilitate workshops at NICWA’s annual conference. His session, “Stop! Hey, What’s that Sound? Everybody […]

Using A Holistic Approach in a Juvenile Facility’s Software System Recording Available

Every juvenile software system should help with important areas like intake processes and incident reporting. However, many existing juvenile software systems fail to deliver other needed functionality in important areas like groups notes, clinical documentation, and therapist notes. RiteTrack delivers a holistic approach to juvenile treatment and care for the youth. During this webinar we […]

Better Today than Yesterday: Improving JDAI Compliance and Reporting Recording Available

Are you looking to improve your juvenile facility’s compliance with JDAI standards? During this webcast, we examined how RiteTrack’s juvenile facility solution can increase a facility’s capability to measure, track and report on its JDAI efforts. We also reviewed how JDAI communities can utilize such a system to analyze data and formulate questions related to […]

Webinar Recording for Managing a Juvenile Facility and Staff with RiteTrack

If you missed our webinar that explored the functionality in RiteTrack for managing staff at a juvenile facility, you can view the recording here. Managing staff at a facility can be as difficult as managing the youth and their cases. During this webcast, we examined the functionality that assists Directors in supervising and oversight of […]

Implementing and Monitoring PREA Standards with Ritetrack Webcast Recording Available

Our recent webinar focused on how a facility can use RiteTrack to support PREA standards in its programs. You can watch the recording here. We examined how RiteTrack helps manage the complexities of the federally-mandated standards PREA standards with its functionality. During this  webinar, a former Director of an Ohio Juvenile Facility, and one of […]

RiteTrack for Tribal Treatment and Wellness Programs

You can view a recording of our webinar that examined how RiteTrack is used for Tribal Treatment and Wellness Programs here. The Treatment Services module is used by counseling, substance abuse, mental health, and similar tribal programs. During this recording you can see the functionality available for treatment and recovery support services. This module was […]

Handel Information Technologies, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years in Business

In an era when software companies come and go, Handel Information Technologies has achieved two decades of innovation and growth. Handel began operating in 1997 as a general IT consulting company. In 1998 Handel landed a contract to develop a software solution for a juvenile assessment center in Colorado. Shortly after this solution was implemented […]