Better Today than Yesterday: Improving JDAI Compliance and Reporting Recording Available

Are you looking to improve your juvenile facility’s compliance with JDAI standards?

During this webcast, we examined how RiteTrack’s juvenile facility solution can increase a facility’s capability to measure, track and report on its JDAI efforts. We also reviewed how JDAI communities can utilize such a system to analyze data and formulate questions related to JDAI information. Psst, the secret lies in documenting and tracking this in the daily case management functions.

You can register and view this recording here.

To provide access for JDAI partners, RiteTrack’s sophisticated web-based interface and industry-best security model ensures only the right people have access to appropriate and relevant information from any location. Including JDAI compliance, standards and reporting.

This comprehensive system provides the framework needed to help any facility adhere to evolving JDAI standards.

Key features in the system you can see during this recording include:

RiteTrack’s JDAI reporting produces comprehensive reports for race, gender, age, and geography, as well as other requirements including daily population counts, quarterly reports, etc.

So, whether you are running a county detention facility or a JDAI community, RiteTrack supports an emphasis on treatment and rehabilitation, along with resident and facility management, and you can see how by watching our recording.

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