RiteTrack for the Northeastern Nevada TANF Consortium

Handel Information Technologies, Inc. is currently developing and implementing RiteTrack for the Northeastern Nevada Tribal TANF Consortium (NNTTC).

Handel’s integrative, flexible solution will be the perfect fit for the NNTTC because RiteTrack will allow the nine consortium member tribes to input data while maintaining tribal member confidentiality.

One reason the NNTTC decided to partner with Handel is that RiteTrack offers the required, complex security. This security is needed to keep member data confidential in the system between the tribes.

The consortium will submit one federal TANF report with the combined data from all nine tribes using the TANF funds. Programs like the NNTTC’s TANF program are making a difference in tribal nations and families every day. Handel is proud to help support that mission.

The nine tribes or bands that comprise the NNTTC including the Ely Shoshone Tribe, Duckwater Shoshone Tribe, Confederated Tribes of Goshute, Elko Band, Wells Band, South Fork Band, Battle Mountain Band, Duck Valley Sho-Pai, and the Temoke Tribe.

RiteTrack is software for tribal, state, and county governments. Handel works with tribal nations across the country in many tribal departments. Handel is an experienced, trustworthy technology company that goes above and beyond in serving American Indian Tribes and specializes in designing the best possible software solutions for American Indian social service agencies.

Office of Justice Programs, MacArthur Foundation Renew Partnership with $2 Million Commitment to Advance Juvenile Justice Reform

In a renewed private-public partnership, the Office of Justice Programs’ Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation are jointly providing $2 million to advance juvenile justice reform.

OJJDP and the MacArthur Foundation will each provide two years of funding at $125,000 per year
to four organizations–the Center for Children’s Law and Policy;the National Youth Screening and Assessment Project at the University of Massachusetts Medical School; the National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice at Policy Research, Inc.; and the Robert F. Kennedy National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice–to support innovative reforms in treatment and services for youth.

Click here to read the full press release.

Federal Acknowledgment of American Indian Tribes

On May 22, 2014, the Department of the Interior announced the availability of a proposed rule to revise regulations governing the process and criteria by which the Secretary acknowledges an Indian tribe.

The comment period has been extended to September 30 following many requests. Click here to submit your comment


OJJDP’s Tribal Youth Training and Technical Assistance Center Offers New Online Course “Developing and Revising Juvenile Codes”

The center’s new course will help individuals develop effective and sustainable programs for reducing juvenile crimes and increasing youth potential in tribal communities.


Justice Department supports Indian Child Welfare lawsuit in South Dakota

An amicus brief filed by the Justice Department, the first time it was weighed in on a federal district court case involving ICWA, concludes Native American parents’ rights are being violated by South Dakota. Tribes in the state have filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that Native children are being placed indiscriminately in non-tribal foster care without familial involvement or representation. This year the Lakota People’s Law Project has assisted 7 of South Dakota’s 9 tribes in applying for federal planning grants to develop their own foster care programs in efforts to curtail the practice.

New Handel Web Site Goes Live

We are very excited to be live on our new web site. Our old DotNetNuke web site has served us well for the past 7 years but it was time to move on.

Handel Creates and Deploys a Cultural Module for the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut

For the last six years the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut has been working alongside Handel Information Technologies. In 2008 the Mohegan Tribe partnered with Handel by implementing their integrative, flexible software solution, RiteTrack.

The tribe improved their processes by adopting Handel’s RiteTrack as the platform for their Tribal Information Management System (TIMS) which is built around a “hub-and-spoke” model. In 2008 the Mohegan Tribe went live with, the “hub” of TIMS, the member enrollment and demographic module. The tribe found immediate success.










L-R: Jessica Ivansco (Mohegan Tribe), Josh Becker (Handel), and George Wood (Mohegan Tribe)


Over the years, Handel has continually assisted the Mohegan Tribe in enhancing their departments and services. Several spokes have been added to Mohegan’s initial hub including: educational services management, household information management, social services management, and many others.

Just recently Handel developed a cultural spoke for the Mohegan Tribe. The tribe’s cultural module will help keep important traditions alive within the tribal community. The Cultural and Community Program Department now has access to instruction and materials for traditional crafts and skills such as basket making, beadwork, and the making of drums and regalia. Through RiteTrack the department is able to coordinate annual festivals and cultural events such as parades and fairs, the annual Wigwam Festival, and Hot Summer Fun at Mohegan Sun. We are excited to create and deliver another reliable module to a loyal and true, American Indian Tribe.

Handel specializes in designing the best possible software solution for American Indian service agencies. RiteTrack is software for tribal, state, and county government. Our company works with tribal nations all over the United States in nearly every tribal department. Handel is an experienced, trustworthy technology company that goes above and beyond in serving American Indian Tribes.


Wyoming Endorfiends Finishes 2014 Wild West Relay

What does a nuclear scientist, a sports nutritionist, and a United Nations Indigenous Fellow have in common? They were all members of the 2014 Handel relay team, Wyo Endorfiends, who competed in the Wild West Relay this past weekend. The Wild West Relay is a 200-mile run from Fort Collins, Colorado, via Wyoming, ending up in the resort town of Steamboat Springs. This was the third time Handel had put together a team for the Wild West relay, and fifth relay overall counting others. As usual, team captain Casey Bader assembled and coached this year’s team consisting of Handel employees, friends, and family.

The 12-person team started in Fort Collins Friday morning, running through the day and night, and completed early Saturday afternoon in Steamboat after 36 legs, 200 miles, and 3 mountain passes. “This was my favorite relay yet” says Casey. “Everything just clicked, the weather, the team, and the overall experience.” The 12-member team, ages 20-50, ran three legs each, ranging in distance from 3-10 miles with various degrees of uphill and downhill, and temperatures ranging from 80s during the day to a low of 35 at night. The Wild West Relay’s slogan is “Get Your Ass Over the Pass” referring to the famous Rabbit Ears Pass near Steamboat, CO, but in fact at almost 10,500 feet, Deadman’s Hill near the Wyoming/Colorado border is actually the tallest pass the runners have to traverse. For the Handel employees, their friends and family members, the annual relay has become an event to look forward to each year. It is a great experience that tests endurance, builds stronger bonds, and facilitates teamwork. The Handel team is already making plans for next year.

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