The RiteTrack Juvenile Facility Solution is a web-based software application developed specifically for juvenile facilities. The Solution is designed to meet the growing information needs of today’s juvenile detention, corrections, and residential facilities. RiteTrack facilitates true collaboration for staff, outside providers, educators, courts, law enforcement and others who work with youth in the community.

RiteTrack’s powerful security model gives full control of which users can access what records, and which user groups can access what information in those records. The content-level security gives administrators control of defining which users have access to which records, plus which security groups have access to sensitive information within the records. Handel works closely with new customers to define who will have access to what records and what information within the records when creating security groups.

Access to records is logged in the Audit Log, so administrators can review which user accessed what and when the access occurred. An additional security feature offers the ability to recover deleted records whether the records were deleted purposely or accidentally.

The notification engine allows customization of who receives notifications based on events and scenarios.

The Juvenile Facility Solution builds on RiteTrack’s core modules. It has been designed to offer up to 80 percent of standard functionality out-of-the-box but with the flexibility to customize specific pieces to create a solution that truly fits a facility’s needs. As with all RiteTrack solutions, standard functionality can be removed if not needed, and custom forms and reports added if needed.

Natively, RiteTrack functionality includes day-to-day operations management and case- and client-management plus standard reports. However, if a facility would require specialized features such as PREA functionality or grievances tracking, then these features can be custom-developed and still work with standard functionality. Handel works closely with new customers during contract negotiations and implementation to create and keep a RiteTrack solution within budget requirements.

Juvenile Facility-Specific Functionality 
  • Admission
  • Assignments
  • Consents
  • Intake Charges
  • Incident Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Assessments
  • Restraints
  • Seclusions
  • Discharge
Juvenile Standard Functionality
  • Person Management
  •      Demographics
  •      Contact Information
  •      Aliases
  •      Markings
  • Documents
  • Notes
  • Alerts
  • Group Management
  • Calendar
  • Hearings
  • Background
  •      Placements
  •      Charges Substance Abuse
  •      Family History
  •      Trauma History
  •      Education
  •      Relationships
  •      Employment
  •      Academic History
  • Clinical
  •      Treatment Plans or Case Plans
  •      Progress Notes
  •      Medical History
  •      Mental Health
  •      Medication History
  •      Lab History
  •      Diagnosis
  •      Insurance
  •      Chronic Conditions
  •      Medical Appointments
Staff Management
  •  Caseload
  •  Certifications
Organization Management
  • Contact Information
  • Documents
  • Notes

Admission Screen Sample

Incident Screen Sample

Statistical Report Sample