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Managing Indian Child Welfare and Child Protective Services with RiteTrack


Managing Temporary Assistance for Needy Families with RiteTrack


Managing tribal membership data with RiteTrack

RiteTrack is a web-based, integrated, enterprise software solution used throughout Indian Country to manage all aspects of services provided to members and clients.

RiteTrack offers standard modules for Enrollment, General Assistance, TANF, Indian Child Welfare, Protective Services, Treatment Services, 477 Services and Tribal Court. Additionally, RiteTrack is configurable and may be customized to any Tribe’s unique programs or needs.

Information about services provided by a tribe is often located in multiple disconnected “data silos” that do not share information and make staff and service provision inefficient. While RiteTrack can be of great benefit for a single department or program, the system is even more effective as an integrated solution. RiteTrack provides a tribe with the ability to integrate data, processes, and reporting for several programs into a single central database. This enables true reporting on the extent and effectiveness of services.

Handel recognizes that a system can only be successful if there is exceptional support and service provided with the software. Our professional and personal implementation, training, and support services ensure each RiteTrack implementation is a success.

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