Enrollment Management

Example of a family tree based on information from the member’s record in the system.

As a stand-alone module or part of an integrated RiteTrack solution, RiteTrack’s Enrollment Module is the only entirely web-based tribal enrollment software. The Enrollment module is feature-rich and intuitive to navigate and use. Although comprehensive enrollment functionality is standard, the system can also be customized to fit the specific requirements of a tribe. RiteTrack is designed to make member management and reporting more efficient, and can be integrated with all other RiteTrack modules.

RiteTrack manages and tracks member demographics, contact information, genealogy, degree of Indian blood, documents and produces tribal ID cards and family trees. RiteTrack’s family tree also stores family relationships for as many generations as needed. There is no limit to the number of generations that are documented.

This is an overview provided for an Enrollment case. This interface provides access to the base roll or degree of Indian blood for the applicant, historical information, and any documents or notes that need to be associated with a member. This screen also gives access to official approve or deny an application following a tribal council meeting.


No two tribes process enrollment the same way, so we tailor the Enrollment Module to fit the specific needs of each tribe. And, although the module is customized to fit each tribe, we maintain its ability to integrate with existing and future modules. A distinct advantage of the Enrollment Module is the ability to integrate with all other RiteTrack Tribal modules.


    • Address Management With Mapping Capabilities
    • Document Management
    • Notes Management
    • Tribal ID Card Creation
    • Mail Merge Capability
    • Mailing Labels Creation
    • Pre-Defined Reports

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