Financial Assistance

ServicesThe Financial Assistance Module tracks and reports on all aspects of financial assistance provided by a tribe. Department budgets, grants, and gaming revenue fund accounts, which provide funding for specific financial services. Members who receive any financial service have their own individual accounts so that money, transferred through services, is tracked in a general ledger.

Approval or denial of claims can be done manually through administrative security or automated using an individual’s income, expenses, benefits, assistance, resources, and past services to determine eligibility. Detailed standard reports allow a tribe easy access to how budgets, grants, and services have been used over a time period.

The General Assistance Module is one of the most flexible RiteTrack systems, designed for direct integration with accounting systems and other RiteTrack modules.

Easy Customization

Each Tribe offers different financial assistance, and the RiteTrack Financial Assistance module can be tailored beyond basic functionality to meet the unique needs of each Tribe.

Module Features

  • Account, Budget, and Grant Tracking
  • Financial Services and Assistance
  • Individual Income, Expense, and Benefits Tracking
  • Financial General Ledger
  • Account and Service Usage Reports

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