Employment and Training

The RiteTrack Employment and Training Module is based on Federal requirements and recognized best practices. The standard functionality is designed for any tribal employment program, and the customization options allow tribes to create a solution that perfectly fits their needs.

RiteTrack has an Individual Service Plan where you collaborate with your clients to define:

  • Employment Goals
  • Education Goals
  • Services Needed
  • Supportive Goals

The Plan is a living document; goal status can be updated and new goals added as the client progresses. Outcomes for clients and your program are also measured by:

  • Starting and Ending Wage
  • Literacy and Numeracy Scores
  • Overall Employment Outcome
  • Overall Education and Training Outcome

Reports available in the Education and Training Module range from a printout of the Individual Plan to provide to clients to Federal grant and statistical reports. RiteTrack can generate the P.L. 102-477 Statistical Report but also offers reports for non-477 tribes. Reports provide statistics on

  • Participant Demographics
  • Needs and Outcomes across all Plans
  • Client Activities
  • Service Referrals

Easy Customization

Each Tribe is unique in how it provides employment services, and RiteTrack can be tailored further beyond basic functionality to meet the unique needs of each Tribe. Even though the solution is customizable, the solution maintains its ability to integrate with existing and future modules.

Solution Features

Individual Plans

  • Education Goals
  • Employment Goals
  • Services Needed
  • Other Needed Goals

Comprehensive Reporting

  • P.L. 102-477 Statistical Report
  • Individual Service Plans
  • Client Demographics
  • Outcomes and Service Utilization over time

Typical Programs

  • General Assistance
  • Employment and Training
  • Higher Education
  • Child Care & Development Fund
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)