TANFMonthlyMaintenanceCroppedRiteTrack represents the gold standard in TANF software. TANF caseworkers appreciate RiteTrack’s modern, intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Administrators value the immediate access to data and reports directly from the interface, without having to use third-party tools or IT support. Administration of RiteTrack is simplified for IT departments through the Web interface and SQL Server technology.

The TANF Module is designed to simplify and streamline FTANF reporting. RiteTrack allows for inline error and warning reporting and click-through access to offending case records for easy correction. Reporting is not limited to the FTANF; reporting is available on all data within the system for any user directly from the RiteTrack interface. Comprehensive data tracking includes client and household information, case management, eligibility determination, grant and account management, and preventative and supportive services.

Tribal programs that administer TANF may offer other financial assistance outside of TANF grant monies, and RiteTrack allows for tracking of any other type of assistance in addition to TANF tracking. RiteTrack’s extensible framework can be further customized to include tribe-specific programs and other federal programs such as P.L. 102-477. And as with all RiteTrack solutions, the TANF Module can be integrated with other RiteTrack solutions to create a central database for tracking all tribal programs.


Each tribe can process TANF cases differently, so the TANF solution can be tailored further beyond basic functionality to meet the specific needs of each tribe. Even though the solution is customizable, the solution maintains its ability to integrate with existing and future modules. One distinctive advantage of the TANF module is the ability to integrate with other RiteTrack Tribal Solutions.


Household and Case Management

  • Demographics
  • Composition
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Education
  • Workforce Participation/Exemption
  • Benefits and Services


  • Federal TANF Report
  • State Reports
  • Internal Reports

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Paperwork Reduction

Staff Productivity Increase

Robust Security Features

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