Tribal Court

Tribal organizations throughout Indian Country use RiteTrack to streamline and enhance tribal court services. The software offers features that can be used by a single department of Event 300the court system (for example, prosecutors) or by multiple justice offices within an integrated system.

Client, staff, charge and case management are all available through the RiteTrack Tribal Court solution.

RiteTrack contains a vast array of standard reports, and custom or ad-hoc reporting options are available.

The Tribal Court module tracks both civil and criminal cases. The system also tracks charges and hearings for a Tribe.

With RiteTrack’s powerful notification system and reporting engine, tribal administrators can ensure that the right people are given access to the right information at the right time.

RiteTrack’s superior security and audit system make it the best solution on the market for keeping client information safe.

Case History 300

Easy Customization

The RiteTrack framework is designed to enable extensive customization options, ensuring that RiteTrack works the way a tribe needs. Combining customization with standard components allows tribes to design a system that is simple and intuitive, and that reflects unique service provisions.

Solution Features

  • Track Cases
    • Civil
    • Criminal
  • Track Tribal Charges
  • Manage Tribal Charges
  • Track Hearings
  • Record Case Notes
  • Compile Notes
  • Compare Current Offenses to Prior Offenses
  • Generate Reports on Clients
  • Maintain Dockets