Tribal Foster Families

Handel has expanded RiteTrack’s child placement functionality to enable comprehensive tracking of foster families and out-of-home care.

In the new module the child records are linked to their foster families and includes core RiteTrack functionality like contact information, demographic information, tracking documents, and notes. The documents and notes can be associated with all the relevant parties involved in an out-of-home placement.

Management of foster families includes licensing, capacity, family composition, levels of care and time in respite care. Payments to foster homes are calculated automatically on a monthly basis based upon children in the home, levels of care, and time in respite (if any). Tribes can set up and maintain their own specific payment rates based on levels and categories of care.

This module increases the power and scope of any RiteTrack system that manages Indian Child Welfare and out-of-home placements increasing efficiency and accountability while enabling reporting.

Easy Customization

Each tribe can manage tribal foster families and out-of-home placements differently, so the foster families solution can be tailored further beyond basic functionality to meet the specific needs of each tribe. Even though the solution is customizable, the solution maintains its ability to integrate with existing and future modules. One distinctive advantage of the Foster Families Module is that it can be used as a seamless add-on to the Child Protective Services/Indian Child Welfare module or function as standalone foster care management.

Solution Features

    • Contact/Demographic Information
    • Household Members
    • Current Children in Tribal Foster Care
    • Foster Home Licenses
        • License Numbers
        • Expiration Dates
        • Home Capacity
    • Foster Care Payments
    • Level of Care
    • Respite Care
    • Case Date Milestones
    • Case Date Reminders
    • Case Notes
    • Document Tracking
        • Foster home applications
        • Home studies
        • Client-specific documents